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Hans, Dora i Wilk

Hans, Dora and Wolf

We recently saw a very strange play with a friend and Anna's mom. None of us felt we understood it well! It was apparently inspired by several famous cases of Freud. It was rather surreal and ambiguous, to a degree that we afterward disagreed or felt uncertain about who the different characters were (E.g. "Was the old woman his mother?" "No, the old woman and the young woman were both his sister; the old woman represented the sister in old age, even though the sister died young." ... "Was the old man his father?" "No, he was Freud." "But that other younger guy was Freud..." Etc)

Since the play was in Polish, I was under an additional disadvantage. There were English supertitles, but they were often quite bad and unhelpful: Their timing was off, so it was sometimes hard to tell who was saying what. There were frequent typos and dubious translation decisions (e.g. using the word "commode" for "nightstand" or "bedside stand" - at least in my experience "commode" is more commonly used to mean "toilet"). And large amounts of Polish dialog were simply left untranslated, so that I'd hear long back-and-forth dialog while a single sentence was continually displayed (rather like that scene in Lost In Translation: "Is that all he said?")

But it was still interesting with an impressive huge crazy jumbled set and good costumes and acting and music, and sparked discussion afterward, so I was glad we went. :)

Hans, Dora kaj Lupo

Ni lastatempe spektis tre bizaran teatraĵon kun amiko kaj la patrino de Anna. Poste neniuj el ni sentis, ke ni bone komprenis ĝin! Ĝi verŝajne baziĝis sur kelkaj famaj kazoj de Freŭdo. Ĝi estis iom surreala kaj ambigua, ĝis tia grado, ke poste ni malkonsentis aŭ dubis pri kiuj estis la diversaj roluloj (ekz. "Ĉu la maljunulino estis lia patrino?" "Ne, la malkunulino kaj la junulino ambaŭ estis lia fratino; la maljunulino reprezentis la fratinon maljunaĝan kvankam la fratino mortis junaĝe." ... "Ĉu la maljuna viro estis lia patro?" "Ne, li estis Freŭdo." "Sed tiu alia pli juna viro estis Freŭdo..." Ktp.)

Ĉar la teatraĵo estis en la pola, mi havis aldonan malavantaĝon. Estis anglaj supertekstoj, sed ili ofte estis tre malbonaj kaj malhelpaj: La tempoj malĝustis, do iafoje estis malfacile distingi, kiu diris kion. Estis oftaj tajperaroj kaj dubindaj tradukaj decidoj (ekz. la angla vorto "commode" por "ĉe-lita ŝranko" pli ofte signifas "necesujo" miasperte). Kaj multaj frazoj de pola dialogo restis netradukitaj, tiel ke mi aŭdis longan du-homan interparoladon dum nur unuopa frazo restis montrata (iom kiel tiu sceno en la filmo "Lost in Translation": "Ĉu nur tion li diris?")

Tamen ĝi estis interesa kun impona grandega freneza fatrasa scenejo kaj bonaj kostumoj kaj aktorado kaj muziko, kaj ĝi instigis diskuton poste, do mi estis kontenta. :)
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(thread unrelated)

I was in Warsaw for the past week on business -- EuroBSDCon.

I saw signs for a Warsaw film festival -- did you go?


October 22 2012, 13:56:52 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  October 22 2012, 13:58:07 UTC

No, Warsaw's a nontrivial trip from Wroclaw. But there was recently a weekend-long silent film festival here; we saw 3 of them (all with live music! Well, the 2nd and 3rd we saw had good music, but I hesitate to call the first one "music".)

So you are a BSD developer? I didn't know! I've never used BSD, just various flavors of Linux. What did you do at the con?
I didn't really do much except enjoy Warsaw and attend some talks. The product I work on is based on FreeBSD and I have a commit bit, but I mostly work on our filesystem code on top of BSD, not directly on BSD itself.
I've never used FreeBSD but lately I am reading about it. I gather that the ports package system is great, the kernel is great, and it's a good OS for servers, but likely to be less suitable for a daily desktop/home computer due to there being a lot more "personal computing" type software and various printer/scanner/etc drivers available for Linux. Is that fair to say? What OS(es) do you use at home? Currently we've got Debian and Ubuntu on ours, and I had Arch for a while. Thinking about Gentoo...
There are FreeBSD people who use it for desktop, but I agree. I tried briefly and I had trouble getting Adobe Flash to work, though others have had success; without Flash parts of the web are unusable.

But it is a very good server OS (e.g. Netflix uses it for their CDN). And it does have a ton of ports/packages.

At home I actually use Mac OSX on my Air and my wife's computer. She wants the integration with the iPhone. We also have one Windows 7 box that I built to play Civ V. I use Ubuntu at work, though. Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't have the graphics driver in the CD image for the new workstations they got us, so my new one is still unused. I installed Fedora on it and gave up 5 minutes later since everything looked so unfamiliar. :-)