russ (goulo) wrote,

the political implications of linking a book title to a bookseller

It's all hip and cool to link a book to a bookseller (e.g. I mention that I am reading the go book Tesuji by James Davies), but 99% of the time people seem to link to Amazon. Since most of the people I know tend to be more at the left/progressive end of the political spectrum, I have really started to wonder why amazon is the popular site to link to. Are people simply not aware that unlike most booksellers, Amazon financially donates more to Republicans than Democrats? Basically a portion of every dollar you spend (or encourage others to spend) at Amazon goes to fight abortion rights, gay rights, environmental protection, education, stem cell research, investigations of government/corporate corruption, the right to die with dignity, separation of church and state, protection for whistleblowers, etc, need I go on? ... unlike money spent at most other bookstores who do not donate more to Republicans.

E.g. see

(Even ignoring the whole question of supporting the monolithic giant instead of the smaller guys...)

Just sayin'.
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