russ (goulo) wrote,

2012-11-11: Svarmo de rasismaj naciistoj / Swarm of racist nationalists

Hodiaŭ (2012-11-11) estas tago de pola sendependeco (post la fino de la unua mondmilito, Polujo restariĝis kiel sendependa lando). Bedaŭrinde en lastatempaj jaroj, tiu dato fariĝas pli kaj pli prenita de ekstremaj naciismaj dekstremuloj. Ekster nia fenestro ni ĵus vidis longan laŭtegan manifestacion preterpasi kun kelkmil "patriotoj" kun grandaj signoj kun dekstremaj simboloj (ekzemple svastikeca nigra kruco en nigra cirklo sur la ruĝa-blanka pola flago) kaj ni aŭdis kunkriadon kiel "Polska cała, tylko biała" (Polujo tuta, nur blanka) kaj "Nacjonalizm naszą drogą" (Naciismo, nia vojo). Ili ankaŭ estigis multajn bruajn eksplodojn. Tiu svarmo ĉefe konsistis el junaj futbal-huliganaj viroj, sed estis ankaŭ multaj inoj kaj (eble plej malgajige) iuj paroj kun infanoj kaj beboj, kiuj kreskos en tia ekstrema rasisma etoso.

Today (2012-11-11) is the day of Polish independence (after the end of the first World War, Poland re-arose as an independent country). Unfortunately in recent years, the date is becoming more and more coopted by extreme nationalist rightwingers. Outside our window we just saw a long loud demonstration go by with several thousand "patriots" with large signs with rightwing symbols (e.g. a swastika-looking black cross in a black circle on the red-white Polish flag) and we heard chanting like "Polska cała, tylko biała" (Poland whole, only white) and "Nacjonalizm naszą drogą" (Nationalism, our way). They also set off many loud explosions. The swarm consisted mostly of young football-hooligan men, but there were also a lot of women and (maybe most discouragingly) some pairs with children and babies, who will grow up in that extreme racist ethos.
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Gah! Like the racist skinheads in America and the UK, you wonder: what can you be thinking? There's already a lot of analysis of how the voting patterns in California changed due to people of color voting, and now the Republicans are almost all voted out of office there, let alone the more strident teapartiers. Supposedly Calif is the wave of the future for all the U.S. And now we know: That's what will happen to people who make color into something politically significant.


November 12 2012, 20:11:17 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  November 12 2012, 20:11:33 UTC

I like to hope that more tolerance is the wave of the future, but meanwhile the radical nationalists/racists are sure kicking up a storm in their (hopefully) last throes... I'm not sure I'm so optimistic that they're going away anytime soon (either in the US or Poland), but we'll see!

Check out these photos from Warsaw - they were far more crazy and violent and numerous there (and also chanting anti-Jewish stuff as well as the white power stuff) :