russ (goulo) wrote,

3-a NaNoWriMo farita

Hu, mi finis mian novembran romanon (NaNoWriMo). Mi ne estas tiel kontenta pri ĉi tiu 3-a romano mem kiel pri la antaŭaj 2, sed mi estas kontenta ke mi ne rezignis kaj ke kiel antaŭe la sperto estis interesa pensiga instrua ekzerco. Danko al Anna pro multa kuraĝigado. :)

Whew, I finished my November novel (NaNoWriMo). I am not as content with this 3rd novel itself as with the previous 2, but I am content that I didn't give up and that, like before, the experience was an interesting thought-provoking instructive exercise. Thanks to Anna for much encouragement! :)
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Wow, 3 novels in 3 years. Good for you! When you lived in Texas, those numbers were much less!
Yes, significantly less! :)

Now if only I were motivated to write fiction the whole year instead of just the crazy fun rush of NaNoWriMo in November... :)